Thursday, November 27, 2008

Motorola Motorokr S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Motorola Universal Bluetooth Stereo Headset.

Just bought this today (Nov 27, 2008) for my Nokia E-71. I was, and am still, amazed that the functions worked beyond basic audio!!

Have been looking for a Bluetooth cordless stereo headset for a long time for my jogging. Anything with wires create too much noise when the wires brush against anything, including themselves. The Nokia one (BH-503) is too huge and are not ear buds. The Samsung store refuses to let me try and see whether theirs works with the E-71.

I feel that the sound quality of this Motorola device is good, but without an A-B blind test I cannot be totally sure.

At the store, the demo unit had a lot of noise. But back home, mine is just fine.

What work in addition to basic sound:

    a. Incoming voice call - the interception to music play back works as expected. The response to pushing the Answer button to take the call is much faster than a Nokia Bluetooth headset.

    b. Microphone for voice calls - have to speak up though.

    c. Remote control: skip track forward and backward, pause. All actions come with tone feedback.

    d. Last number redial (press Call button and hold).

    e. Voice activated dialing (press Call button once)

    f. Volume control.

    g. Incoming alerts for SMS and email - music playback pause momentarily.

The downside? The diameter of the ear pieces is huge, bigger than my ear opening. I think this is deliberate for safety reasons, to prevent the user from plugging in nicely and blocking out external sound totally.

It seems that the "universal" claim is true. I think this one will sell millions.