Thursday, January 29, 2009

Email Forwarding in Microsoft Exchange

There are times when a user does not have a mailbox in the Exchange server itself.

The place to configure forwarding is in ADUC and not System Server.

First, in the External Contacts folder in your domain tree, create the destination forwarding address.

Then, in the user's Properties, go to the Exchange General tab and select Delivery Options. Check the Forward to option and select the destination address from the list of External Contacts.

Creating SSL Certificates for IIS

Here are the steps:

  • Create a certificate request (CSR). There're lots of documentation for this, mail me if you need help. Basically you do it from the IIS management console. (IIS 7 is different from previous versions by trying to make it "easier" but it assumes the user is illiterate - has lots of pictorial icons.) This will generate a Base64 encoded file, and it will also remember that there is a pending request.
  • If you use a commercial provider, then just copy and paste the contents of the file in your application.
  • If you want to use Windows Server 2003's certificate services, go to the server's website: /certsrv.
  • Either of the above will give you a .cer or .crt file. Go back to the IIS management console server certificate option and use the "Process pending request" option.

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