Sunday, February 3, 2013


Coming from an uneducated person, but who is trying hard to be aware of some of the things I do not know, I think the whole idea of democracies has not run its full course. More surprises are in the offing.

At this time, it seems that all democracies will mature toward an equilibrium of two halves of the governed in the ratio of about 50:50.  The US appears to be in the lead.

Come to think of it, that is only the nature of man.  Who would want to be disadvantaged so that someone else can take the advantage?

This inward instinct is different from the rich paying more taxes.  The rich do not mind paying more taxes for a selfish reason: so that the system around them do not collapse and deny them the safe environment to spend their wealth.

It is a different thing altogether if, in order to preserve a happy orderly society, you are asked to surrender your right to own a car so that someone else might own a car, for example.

The fairest and best is still a democracy.  Let me know if you have found something better.