Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Extended Desktop - 3 Big Screens?

Now we all know that Bill Gates uses three screens.

I have been using Extended Desktop in Windows for coming up to ten years now. I think it's one of the great things that Microsoft has done by making it easy for display adapter drivers to be developed to work in such a manner.

My current set up is the 17" 1440x900 built-in of my notebook and a 1680x1050 standalone running off my notebook VGA port, with the external display positioned directly on top of the built-in display. I populate all the places I frequent with the second monitor (same specs), so that I can just plug in when I reach there, just like the power charger.

I am not using three displays because:

    a. I don't know of any notebook that can drive two external displays, not even with the additional video port on a HP docking unit. Using a video adpater reduces the mobility of my notebook.

    b. I tried using three monitors but find that I spend much time moving my mouse to where I want to go (even though my touch pad is set to maximum sensitivity), or looking for the cursor.

Q: Why is Linux not everywhere?   A: Because it is free

There are many discussions on why Linux isn't as successful as it is supposed to be, whatever those expectations may be. Reasons given describe the features, the user-friendliness, the lack of drivers, et cetra. Well, in my opinion, Linux fails and will continue to fail because of one reason: it is free.

Surprisingly as it may seem, the very reason why Linux is not widely adopted is because users are not paying for it. The loud-mouthed Stallmanites stop in their altruistic tracks when it comes to dishing out money to pay for TV spots and newspaper advertisements to market Linux.

Guess where Microsoft get all their big budgets to market their products? Customers, of course! Customers (of any product) pay their suppliers to market products to them. This is how the system works. Period.

Free software is a passing flavor of the day, just like Marxism was.

Have a good day.