Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Extended Desktop - 3 Big Screens?

Now we all know that Bill Gates uses three screens.

I have been using Extended Desktop in Windows for coming up to ten years now. I think it's one of the great things that Microsoft has done by making it easy for display adapter drivers to be developed to work in such a manner.

My current set up is the 17" 1440x900 built-in of my notebook and a 1680x1050 standalone running off my notebook VGA port, with the external display positioned directly on top of the built-in display. I populate all the places I frequent with the second monitor (same specs), so that I can just plug in when I reach there, just like the power charger.

I am not using three displays because:

    a. I don't know of any notebook that can drive two external displays, not even with the additional video port on a HP docking unit. Using a video adpater reduces the mobility of my notebook.

    b. I tried using three monitors but find that I spend much time moving my mouse to where I want to go (even though my touch pad is set to maximum sensitivity), or looking for the cursor.

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