Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nokia E-71 - Still the best

[Superceded by Super OLED.]

Bought my second Nokia E-71 today, for US$140 on a US$30 plan contracted for two years. I could have traded-in my one-year old one for US$140 but I didn't as the new phone is for my daughter.

This phone is still the best considering all factors. The GPS receiver alone is worth the price.

What I like about the phone (all equally important to me except infrared):
a. Tethering without issues
b. Slimmer than an iPhone
c. Exchange client
d. Full QWERTY keypad, albeit a bit small
e. Reasonably good camera for all the emergency situations
f. Two cameras
g. Video recording
h. HSDPA, Wifi, Bluetooth with A2DP
i. Expandable storage through MicroSD
j. GPS
k. VOIP according to standards
l. FM radio
m. Browser that can see most web sites
n. Plays MP3 and WMA
o. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF viewers
p. Live Messenger client
q. It's hardy. Have dropped it from height quite a few times and none the worse.
r. It can stand upright on its bottom
s. Infrared - though I can't find a notebook that has one these days

I can find only one serious shortcoming: screen size of 320x240. I would like to see that increased without increasing the current thickness or losing the keyboard.

Irritation? Still a 2.5mm headphone jack. It has to wait for a technology breakthrough in the E-72 to have that increased by 1mm!