Friday, November 28, 2008

Motorola Motorokr S9-HD - After two days

I am very pleased with the audio performance of this mobile concert hall. Anywhere (almost) or anytime, this headset turns my Nokia E-71 into a very nice piano concerto machine.

At Nokia volume level 1 (one notch above mute) and Motorola minimum volume level (double beeps), I can hear the klavier keys crisp and sharp, almost like sitting next to it. The cellos and double basses stun as they reverberate through my nervous system. ppp passages drown me in a stupor, and as the orchestra crescendos in the final bars, I have to hold back from clapping and making a fool of myself.

I said almost anywhere as the sealing capability of the "ear buds" is zero. Other than in a quiet environment, I have to push the "ear buds" with both hands into my ears and hold them there. So while it's cord-free, it's definitely not hands-free. The "ear buds" are no ear buds. They are gigantic speakers that perhaps only Shrek can call them ear buds.

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