Sunday, January 3, 2010

Download Fails for Windows Update

I don't know how well-known it is that the Windows Update client, even when run from IE, does not run using your logged-in credentials.  This is according to KB 900935.

So, if your computer requires a proxy server to connect to the Internet and you have configured the proxy server through your IE settings, the Windows Update client will still try to connect directly.  This is because the IE settings are specific for each user.

I have a newly installed Windows Server 2003 that is on a LAN that requires a proxy.  The first update went through ok.  But subsequent updates keep failing to download. By running proxycfg -u to copy my IE proxy settings for everyone, Windows Update breezed through.

The puzzling thing is that I have two other Windows Server 2003 sitting next to this one on the same network.  They were installed 1.5 years ago, with the proxy server configured in IE.  I checked and proxycfg on these two says "Direct access".  But Windows Updates for those two servers work fine!!

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Anonymous said...

I've been having this problem with my laptop - I had previously used it for work for a while (via a proxy) and now using it at home Windows Update was still looking for the work proxy.

I've got it fixed now, and the strange thing is under proxycfg.exe the connection was listed as 'direct connection' but still looked for the work proxy. More out of desperation than logic I just 'reset' it to import the IE settings (proxycfg -u), after which it listed 'direct connection' but now Windows Update works. It's as if it just needed to be reminded!