Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The case for an iPad

Do you know of anyone who has an iPad but not another personal computer?

Do you know of anyone who has an iPad but not a mobile phone?

I think the answers are overwhelmingly no for both questions.

Managing three devices is crazy, cloud services notwithstanding.  You spend more time managing the devices than using them.  It's not about enthusiasm.  It is just plain showing off.

A tablet computer is a great, probably the greatest, computing device for the situations when you can't be sitting down.  When you are not sitting down, you cannot do serious work.  Hence, an iPad is just that, for not serious work.  It is an expensive toy, just like those expensive hand bags with names you can't pronounce.

But what the heck, we need spenders like that to keep any economy functioning.

Today's iOS or Android is essentially a single tasking system.  If you are reading a document, you can't be looking at another document to compare the two.  If you are in the middle of an RDP session and a phone call comes in, you are stuck, like a deer in the headlights.  This is a massive retrogressive step since Lisa or Windows 1.1.  Until this changes, the notebook PC will still be the main workhorse for everybody.

Like expensive handbags, there will be many who will die to get an iPad.  Like expensive handbags, there will be many who would die than be seen holding an iPad.

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Nov 2012 update: This secret is finally out:

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