Saturday, September 26, 2015

Setting to English for the Xiaomi Wifi Router

The Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router now is in English.

If it boots up to a foreign language for you, this guide will help you to change it to English.

It is best to connect to it via wired Ethernet for the first time. Otherwise, the default unsecured wifi SSID should be Xiaomi_C3C1.

Your IP should be in the subnet 192.168.31.x, and the router is at which the router will resolve to

The first screen you see will be the setting up of the wifi SSID and wifi password. The big blue button at the bottom is the Next button.

The next screen sets up the router administrator password (second field). The first field is Home/Work/Custom. Click the big blue button to complete.

At the main configuration page, look for the third item (Settings) on the top menu, and the orange option (System Status):

The last option on the page is the language selection:

Open the drop down to select English:

The change will take place the moment you click English. Enjoy!

April 1, 2016 update:

I don't believe it!!!  I upgraded the firmware to 2.8.14 today, and now there's no more English option! What an April Fool joke, but it's serious.

And there's now a time zone setting that is out of this world.  The reference is CST, don't know what it stands for.  But it looks like it's UTC, except that going westward is positive and going eastward is negative!  So EST (by the way no daylight savings option) is CST+5 when the usual is UTC-5. Central time is CST+6!


Mahran said...

Hi can you please give me a link of the firmware? What version are you using? Can't seem to find this option in my version.

S/360 said...

Mahran, the firmware version is at the footer of every page. Mine is 2.2.100 Stable. You can see it in the second picture above.

Murtaza said...

mine also does not have the 'English' option in the dropdown. How to upgrade/get that option. I have just bought the router last week

Marcos Palombo said...

hello, when i open the page it sends me to a store, is there any other webpage to set it up ?